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doves on a rope

doves on a rope 전선위에 비둘기, 2003-2005, candles, wires, pigment print

installation view in the studio.

installation work designed to presents a coinciding moment between b/w photo of the doves on wire and the actual candles on wire at a certain angle.

벽에 붙은 사진 안의 비둘기 위치와 일치하게 와이어 위에 초가 세워져 한 시점에서 보면 비둘기와 초가 일치하게 설치한 작업.

installation view at the kunst academie in duesseldorf.

installation view in total museum.

in cooperation with sunghun choi.

installation view of stage artwork for seolyoung oh's choreography.

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