Architecture of Mushroom

Architecture of Mushroom, 2019, 4K single channel video, color, sound, 15'18"

Camera, Edit Sunmin Park

Sound Sunmin Park, Won Kim

Subtitle Jaeyong Park, Vicky Kwon

Support Via Art

Sunmin Park © 2019

<Architecture of Mushroom>

Architecture of Mushroom is a video of low angle, slow-motion shot of mushrooms growing in the Gotjawal forest, Jeju, Korea, taken over a year in 2017, which is accompanied by 13 Korean and foreign architects’ narrations on architecture. Mushrooms, as a kind of fungi, obtain nutrients by decomposing organic matter and thereby play an essential role in the ecological cycle of creation and decay of the forest. On the other hand, they are a living creature with an architectural structure composed of a column and a roof. In this age when materials pose a threat to both man and nature since they never diminish or disappear due to mass production, the growing and fading of mushrooms, sometimes in contrast to and at other times inharmony with various architectural issues, inspires viewers to imagine the relationship between man and nature in a new way.


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