Highway Geometry 2 - 2018 seoul photo festival

Highway Geometry 2, 2015, 2 channel video, color, sound, loop

2018 Seoul Photo Festival <Brave New World> SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art


사진: 최원석, 사진 제공: 서울시립미술관

Photograph by Won-seok Choi, Image Courtesy Seoul Museum of Art

installation view

<Highway Geometry 2>

Running a long highway is only possible by adjusting the speed and direction. To equalize speed and direction, this road has the even surface, width, and curve. And one can arrive at the destination at the estimated time when the car runs well and meets the conditions. This is a planned itinerary. Centering on the vanishing point created by the planned speed, the oblique line would be the geometry of the speed. When the speed is running between the clean oblique lines, there are moments, which the smudge appears. The unplanned coincidence smudges are fragments of the whole and are already the body of death that has begun to decay. This is a random play between the madness of speed and taboos of pause.

By Sunmin Park

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