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4 to 9 pm

4 to 9 pm, 2007, gallery factory

이 전시는 늦은 오후에서부터 밤까지 열리던 전시로 어둠이 기본 전시 조건이 되고 1층의 조명설치로 영상의 이미지 유무를 결정짓도록 했다. 관람객이 밝은 방에 서면 아무것도 볼 수 없는 빈 방에 홀로 있게 되고, 방이 어두워 지면 벽에 가득한 영상이미지를 볼 수 있다.

This exhibition was running between late afternoon till night, so that the darkness of night could be a default condition of the show and the lighting installation determined the presence and absence of images on the first floor. When the visitor stood in the bright room, she or he could not see anything in empty room and was alone. When the room became darker, they could see full of moving images on the wall.

in cooperation with sunghun choi

installation view of 1st floor

day and night, 2007, dimming control light installation, which is regularly and slowly turned on and off.

untitled, 2007, slideshow, projector

2002.3 - 2004.3, 2007, single channel video, 4:14

장님물고기 / blind cave fish ( Astyanax Fasciatus ), 2007, single channel video, 19:11

수풀사이로 / through the bush, 2007, single channel video

installation view of second floor.

through the fog, ,2007, single channel video

dog and cat, 2007, c-print

거울놀이 / mirror play, , 2007, pigment print, projector, mirror

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