January 18, 2020

Documentation Film of  <Ecological Sense> 

at Namjun Paik Art Center

Architecture of Mushroom, 2019, 4K single channel video, color, sound, 15'18" 

Highway Geometry 2, 2015, 2 channel video, color, sound, loop

The Library of Whisper and Sleep, 2019, variable dimension...

January 18, 2020

The Library of Whisper and Sleep, 2019, variable dimension, Sound installation.

commission by Namjun Paik Art center.

Photo by Seungwon Yang

The Library of Whisper and Sleep presents an imagined future library having a collection of information related to seven endangered...

December 18, 2019

Disordered, twisted and flipped time of S, 2019, mixed media, dimension variable

추상적 시간을 숫자로 명시하는 년, 월, 일, 시 단위와 선형적으로 받아들여지는 흐름에 대한 의문에서 시작한 작업이다.

삶의 중요 시점들을 표시하는 년도들이 순서없이 엉켜 가변적으로 존재하는 시간에 대한 일종의 모델이다.

This work deals with addresses the question of what a structure of...

December 18, 2019

concrete landscape1, 2019, mixed media, dimension variable 

These collages combine black and white photographs of concrete walls, all finished with splashes on the surface in a style often found in old neighborhoods. The backgrounds are of skies turning to red. It is a...

November 2, 2019

Architecture of Mushroom, 2019, 4K single channel video, color, sound, 15'18"

Camera, Edit               Sunmin Park

Sound         Sunmin Park, Won Kim

Subtitle  Jaeyong Park, Vicky Kwon

Support                                 V...

October 7, 2019

Highway Geometry 1-4 series/Chagdong version, 2019, dimension variable, pigment print mounted on plexiglas

All about Trembling 2, 2019,  single channel video, color

<Promised Future>, MMCA Residency Changdong Open Studio, First Final Exhibition.




August 8, 2019

firebrick, 2013, 105X154, Pigment print mounted on plexiglas

nightsky, 2016, 210x150, Pigment print mounted on plexiglas 

a man in a pond, 2015, 80x52, Pigment print mounted on plexiglas

ship, 2014, 142X100cm, 2016, 100x78, Pigment print mounted on plexiglas

polyhydron vs...

August 8, 2019

<Names you meet in the forest-ongoing project>

2019, marker on the window

I wrote the 770 whole botanical names of plants from the forest in Jeju Island in Korea on a window. Jeju Island's forest, called Gotjawal, has a very unique eco system, because Gotjawal vegetation...

May 17, 2019

버수스는 2008년부터 2017까지 갤러리 팩토리를 통해 발행된 비정기 간행물로 그간 다양한 주제 아래 문학, 음악, 영화, 전시기획, 실험음악 등 다양한 분야의 전문가들이 필진으로 참여했다. 박선민은 이 잡지의 기획과 아트디렉팅을 맡아 각 호와 관계된 이미지를 생산하였다. 책이란 매체의 형식적인 좌우 구조를 기본으로 해서 좌우 이미지의 대비와 내용적으로는 이미지와 텍스트의 낯선 대비를 통해 양극단 사이의 다양한 거리와 상황들을 실험했다. 이 잡지의 내용적인 기획은 박선민의...

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