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He was endowed with the poesy from God 그는 신으로부터 시구를 부여 받았다, 400*100cm, inkjet print. 2000





on going project


One of poetry series created by collaging different headlines and photos taken from various newspaper.


신문의 헤드라인과 사진을 스크랩, 수집한 것들을 재구성하여 시의 구조로 콜라주한 작업. 여러 편의 시로 작업 뒤 다시 윤전 인쇄한 신문형식으로 시집을 엮음.


Er nahm die Poesie an-von Gott

Teils clever, teils absurd

Götter sind unersättlich

Das ungewisse


Dreitausendeinhundertfünfzig Stufen zum Glück

Und gibt es einen Teufel?


He was endowed with poesy from God.

Clever in part,

Absurd in part

Gods are insatiate



Threethousandonehundredandfifty steps to happiness

And is there a devil?


(written by sunmin park)





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